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City of Lodi 2019-10-15

City of Lodi

Common Council Meeting

Minutes – October 15, 2019

Present: Alderpersons Groves Lloyd, Hansen, Heckel, Miller, Stevenson
Excused: Mayor Ness, Alderperson Tonn
Others: Julie Ostrander, Dawn Collins, Kennan Buhr, Sandy Bloechl, Alex LeClair, Nancy Long, Krisztina Dommer, Meg Vergeront, Blaze Miskulin
Alder Stevenson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 130 S Main Street, Lodi.
Roll call was taken – Alders Groves Lloyd, Hansen, Heckel, Miller, Stevenson were present.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Public Input. Nancy Long (Sunset Dr), Columbia County Board Supervisor, made Council aware of a couple items – a concern for solid waste is the shrinking of recycle markets. She stated there is an educational push about recyclables; the County is getting particular about recycle material. They are hopeful for new recycle plants opening in the U.S. Nancy also stated she will participate in the Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census and encourages citizen participation for an accurate count.
Library Report. Director LeClair shared a few new developments – a new printer/copier was installed along with new cabling for wifi, and the conference room table was replaced with different tables/chairs to provide more space and flexibility of the room use. Additionally, LeClair raised a concern about a resident lingering around the library. Ostrander stated she will involve the Mayor and Chief to speak with him about the concern.
Presentation of 2018 City Audit. Krisztina Dommer with Kerber Rose provided booklets to the council and reviewed the financial position of the City with completion of the 2018 audit. She stated the City’s financial position is positive and that the utility has a healthy cash flow. Krisztina reviewed the notes of the audit process and recommendations.
Consent Agenda. MOTION (Groves Lloyd, Heckel) to approve the consent agenda including Common Council Meeting Minutes from September 17, 2019; Special Meeting Minutes from September 24, 2019; and Special Event Application for the Chamber Wine Walk and Shop event on November 15, 2019. Motion carried.
Convene to Closed Session (O’Grady matter). MOTION (Groves Lloyd, Miller) to convene to closed session. Roll call vote – Aye (Groves Lloyd, Hansen, Heckel, Miller, Stevenson); Nay (0). Motion carried.
Reconvene to Open. MOTION (Groves Lloyd, Heckel) to reconvene to open session. Roll call vote – Aye (Groves Lloyd, Hansen, Heckel, Miller, Stevenson); Nay (0). Motion carried.
The next council meeting is November 12 (special meeting) for a Public Hearing for the 2020 Budget.
Adjourn. MOTION (Groves Lloyd, Miller) to adjourn at 6:57 PM. Motion carried.
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