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Letters to the Editor

Have something to say?  Want to speak out on a topic?  This is the place.

    I do not want my name published
    I want my name publishedI want to be anonymous

    The Chronicle strongly supports the right of people to speak their minds.  Open discourse is a vital aspect of a free democracy.  That being said: We reserve the authority to choose which letters will and will not be published,.

    Letters may be edited for technical details (e.g., correcting a URL or the name of an organization).  They will, otherwise, be presented as written.

    All letters require a name and e-mail address.  The e-mail address will not be published.  We reserve the right to decide whether a request for anonymity is granted. We understand the need for anonymity, but we also understand the responsibility of standing behind what you say.  If the Chronicle decides that a letter is worth publishing, but must list the writer, we will give them a choice:  Publish it with their name attached, or don’t publish.