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Rate Sheet

Ad Placement on the Front Page

Lodi Valley Chronicle front page ad placement


The front page has three areas for advertising.  Two of them rotate (a different ad is shown on each page load) and one doesn’t.


Banner | The banner is the full-width block at the top of the page, just below the masthead (the newspaper name).  This is a rotating ad with a limit of ten slots.

Sidebar | This is the verticle block in the right sidebar.  This is a rotating ad with no limit on slots.

Sponsor | The sponsor space is at the top of the left sidebar.  This is a smaller ad, but it does not rotate. This means your sponsoring advertisement will be seen on every page load.

Ad Placement on Posts and Pages

Lodi Valley Chronicle advertisement placement for pages and posts (stories)


Posts (and some pages) also have three placements for advertising.  These are all rotating ads (a new ad shows for every page load) with no slot limits.

Above Post | An article-width advertisement that appears above the featured image and headline. 

Below Post | An article-width ad that appears after the end of the article and author box. but before any comments.

Sidebar | A vertical ad at the top of the right sidebar.


Launch Special

Order and pay now, and get three months for the price of one. Advertisements will run from today through December 31st for the price of one month.  This is our special thank you for believing in the Lodi Valley Chronicle.


Rates for rotating ads (and sponsorship) are fixed at a per-week price, with a per-month discount of 20%.  Combined placements are offered at package discounts.

Banner ads are limited to 10 sponsors.

The Sponsor does not rotate.


Front Page
Pages & Posts
Page Top$15$48
Post Top$35$112
Post Bottom$15$48
Post Sidebar$20$64
FP Banner & Page Top$55$176
FP Banner & Post Top$70$224
FP Sidebar & Post Sidebar$40$128
Post Top & Bottom$40$128
Meta Page Top$5$15
Meta Page Bottom$5$15

Ad Placement and Sizing on Directory Pages

Inches to Squares

Similar to how traditional newspapers charge by “column-inch”, we charge by “column-squares” for our directory pages. Our pages are 4 columns wide (vs. 6 for traditional newspapers).

All advertisements are full-color images in .jpg or .png format.  All listings are clickable, sending the viewer to your company website.


$10/Col2 (See size chart below)

Preferred Placement*
1st Row: $3/Col2
2nd Row: $2/Col2
3rd Row: $1/Col2

*As space allows.  Otherwise listings are placed on first-come-first-served basis to best fit available layout options.

Column-Square Sizing


Professional listings may be image files in .jpg or .png format only. Listings may only link to your primary online presence (company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc.)

Size in Pixels