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About Us

Our City, Our News

First and foremost, it is the duty of the Press to report the known and verifiable facts of events–without bias–so the people may make informed decisions.

The Lodi Valley Chronicle was created to bring Lodi’s news back into the hands of Lodians, and to resurrect the old-school, non-biased, local-focused news we used to have when the Lodi Enterprise lived in an historic Main Street building and was run by the Skolodas.

Resurrecting Walter Cronkite

The Lodi Valley Chronicle will adhere to Editorial Policies that are clearly and openly displayed. It is our goal to report the news accurately, honestly, and as non-biased as possible.  We will clearly delineate News from Opinion1this post is listed as an Op-Ed.  We will chronicle, not speculate.  We will inform and educate, not incite and titillate. We will strive to become a source that can be trusted and relied on.

We Are Lodi

The Lodi Valley Chronicle is owned and operated by the Redleaf Consulting Group–which is owned by Lodi native Marty “Blaze” Miskulin.  Our contributing writers are all Lodi area residents.  Our advertisers are all Lodi area businesses.

We are Lodi.  And this is Lodi’s news.


1 this post is listed as an Op-Ed