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Thank You to Bill’s Towing

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Matt and Bill with Bill’s Towing.

I am with Leon Gatorfest of Leon, WI – a tiny unincorporated town outside of Sparta, WI. Our priority is to improve and care for our community and that aligned perfectly with what Matt and Bill care about. We purchased the playground equipment that was at Goeres Park in Lodi to bring home and improve our community center. We had no idea what this out of the ordinary job entailed and let me just say it ended up being an enormous task, a task they didn’t need to take on but chose to help anyway. Matt and his crew worked so hard in removing this equipment with us, working into the night. Now, the children in our community will have a fun and safe playground to enjoy. We will be forever grateful to the Bill’s Towing crew.

In a world where bad is prevalent, I hope this shows that there is still GOOD in this world! Matt and Bill with Bill’s Towing make community a priority. If Bill’s crew has any free time on the 4th weekend in August, you’re all invited to Leon Gatorfest where we have a big time in a small town!

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