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Change to Rules Regarding Parking During Snow Emergenies

Change to Winter Parking

A recently passed ordinance is in effect regarding the declaration of a snow or ice event in the City of Lodi. The public works director will declare a snow or ice event when it becomes necessary to clear streets of accumulating snow or ice. When declared, events shall remain in effect for 24 hours unless extended through a declaration by the public works director.

During a snow or ice event, NO MOTOR VEHICLES, TRAILERS, BOATS or SIMILAR ITEMS are allowed to be parked on any street or public alley for the duration of the event. (The downtown business district is exempt from the provisions of this ordinance.)
Snow or ice events will be posted as an alert to the City’s website and local news outlets will be notified. Sign up for City alerts at www.cityoflodi and click on “Get Notified”.

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