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Curtis Forbes Denied Parole

In a case that has ties to both Columbia County, and Lodi, Curtis Forbes–convicted killer of Marilyn McIntyre–has been denied parole.

From Lodi’s Chief of Police, Wayne Smith:

Curtis Forbes was up for parole in the 1980 murder of Marilyn McIntyre, in Columbus. He was convicted nearly 30 years later. Convicted under the homicide law in 1980 he was eligible for parole in 2020. He just had a parole hearing and it was denied.

While this crime did not occur in Lodi, Chief Smith passed along the information because it’s a case in which he had a key role in finding the killer. The Chronicle has discussed this case–and Chief Smith’s involvement in catching Forbes on a few previous occasions.

Crimes like these are rare in Lodi, but it’s of public interest to report what happens after a conviction.

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