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New Mural Downtown

Lift Lodi unveiled a new mural on the Library side of the Damage Incorporated building on Friday evening.

Bernie and Maggie Poff in front of the Lift Lodi mural.The collaborative “paint by numbers” mural is comprised of individual squares, designed by father and daughter artists Bernie and Maggie Poff.  Each square was purchased for $100, and painted by either the purchaser, or a person of their choosing. Those non-purchase painters include a number of resident of Divine Rehabilitation and Nursing, on Clark St.

The image depicts common sights throughout the Lodi Valley, including the Ice Age Trail, Lake Wisconsin, Spring Creek, Gibraltar Rock, and–of course–Main Street.

The size and position of the mural leaves space for companion pieces in the future.

Miss Poff has agreed to meet with the Chronicle in the future so we can present a more detailed story of the creation of this artwork, and how it was developed by the residents of Lodi.

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