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Closing Up, Not Closing Down

This article contains opinions and/or editorial content.

Recently, I asked for the community to step up and help the Chronicle to continue.  I asked for people willing to give an hour a month–even less if more people stepped up–to report on what our government is deciding; to give me insight about what’s happening in the Lodi Valley; to inform, educate, and engage our community.

To truly make the Chronicle “Lodi’s News”

I was met with silence.


When I started the Chronicle, I saw it as a responsibility to step up and report facts, tamp down rumors, and highlight out community.  Everyone I have spoken to has praised the Chronicle for its reporting–even if they disagree with the editorials, or would like more reporting on their pet topic.

With the exception of a tiny handful of individuals, nobody has been willing to give anything to assure that we have a truly local and independent source to look to for answers and insight.

Do not complain that Lodi doesn’t have a real and informative news source.  You’ve had more than two years to make it happen.  You failed. You failed because you expect everyone else to do the work.

I am, more than anything, sorely disappointed.  I thought Lodi was better than this.

End of the Line

I quit.

This is the last week that the Lodi Valley Chronicle will be published on a regular basis.

The site will remain here as long as I can afford it.  And if there’s something important that I feel should be reported, I’ll post it.

If, at some point in the future, people are willing to step up and give their time to make the Chronicle a living newspaper again, I will make that happen.  Until then, this is a fight I can no longer engage in alone.

Recognizing the Contributors

I do, however, want to extend my most humble thank you to all of the columnists who have stepped up and given their time and talents to make provide our community with insights, information, and inspiration.

The biggest shout-out goes to Patti Herman who has written 83 weekly columns for the Chonicle.


  1. HeatherS HeatherS 2021-12-29

    This is really too bad to see. Lodi and many other places around the world, need honest reporting and someone to report facts, tamp down rumors, and highlight out community. Biased publiciations are only showing people a very small portion of what is happening and what is true. I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavors.

  2. Beverly O Beverly O 2022-01-10

    How very unfortunate. It’s sad to see that the community doesn’t want to support a press that is free from bias.

    Perhaps you could focus your talents elswhere. Showcase skills you’ve learned over the coarse of your travels. Did you learn to cook exotic foods while abroad? A local cooking show would be most welcome.

    Best of luck in the fture!

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