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Top of Lodi Up for Sale

Top of Lodi–the former primary school at the head of Main Street–is listed for sale.

Three years after being sold by the Lodi School District for only $1,000, the empty building is now listed for sale for $795,000.  The listing does not, however, include the undeveloped land known as “third terrace”.

Use Permission

The property has remained vacant since its purchase in 2019, with minimal work done to it.  A main reason for this is the lack of a zoning change.  The property is currently zoned for Educational or Residential, and can not be used for commercial purposes without either a zoning change or a conditional use permit from the City.

The owners have approached the city council 3 times to present their plans for the space.  Each time, the council has failed to be swayed by their presentations, stating that the information presented was incomplete and did not take into consideration concerns of both the council and the area residents.

Any new owners seeking to use the property for commercial purposes would face the same obstacles.  Additionally, back-of-the-envelope estimates for renovating the space to meet modern commercial needs has been estimated between $750,000 and $1 Million.


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