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For the past two years, I have done my best to report the news. But there is so much more to report that I simply can’t get to.

Too Much

I would love to report on all the municipal meetings–because this is information that everyone should have access to.  But… that’s a commitment of at least 20 hours per month–not including the time it takes to write the articles. And that’s ignoring the fact that several of the meetings are scheduled at the same time.  So.. Call it 40 hours per month–for which I get paid exactly zero.


There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

I have maintained, from the beginning, that the Chronicle would always be free to read.

However… that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. That cost is time and effort.

I need at least 20 persons who are willing step up and become “citizen reporters”. I need persons who are willing to sit through city/town/village meetings and report on what happened.  I need (God bless your soul) someone who will sit through School Board meetings and report on what happened.  I need persons who will put together information on whatever is happening in the Lodi Valley.  I can take those notes and turn them into an article.

It might only take one evening every 3 or 6 months–if enough people are willing to step up,


I can’t do this alone.

I need people who are willing to spend one or two hours a month helping to inform our community about what our government is doing. I need business leaders to let us know what’s coming up.  I need community members to let us know what’s going on.  I need governments to inform us about what they’re doing.

And I need the Lodi Valley–our community–to step up and take control of the message.


There are a set of doors ahead of me.

If–out of a community of almost ten thousand people–20 or so are willing to step up and contribute, then those doors will lead to an amazing new chapter for the Chronicle.

If–out of a community of almost ten thousand people–20 or so people aren’t willing to step up and give an hour or two a month, then the Lodi Valley Chronicle will close its doors on December 31st.

Let me know.

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