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Trail Community Banners

Have you walked or driven on Main Street in Lodi lately? If so, I hope you noticed the new Trail Community banners hanging from the light poles. Let me tell you the story of how these came to be adorning our fair city.

The idea to obtain banners as a way to call attention to Lodi’s Trail Community status was introduced by Jan Clingman, a downtown business owner and member of the Lodi-Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. With the backing of the Chamber, approval of the City of Lodi, and support from the Lodi Valley Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance Jan talked to other Trail Communities to learn about their process for obtaining the banners and took the steps to get them ordered. The Chamber of Commerce and the Lodi Valley Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance covered the costs of the banners and City of Lodi staff hung them on the light poles along Main Street. The placement was especially appropriate because the Ice Age Trail follows Main Street through the downtown area. The partners worked together so that all of this happened quickly and the banners were in place for the October Mammoth Hike 41 Challenge and the Fall Colors Run.

The banners are a visible reminder of what it means to be a Trail Community: the business community, city government and Ice Age Trail Alliance working together to promote Lodi as a destination, thereby bringing more visitors to the area and to the Ice Age Trail.  These colorful banners are one more thing to admire as we walk….Along the Ice Age Trail.

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