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Quick Takes: 2021-10-16

A few quick bits of news that aren’t enough for their own articles, but still worthy of note.

  • Tickets go on sale today for the Lodi Sip & Shop event–a smaller and more business-focused version of the Wine Walk.  Tickets are limited to 300 persons.
  • Lodi police are participating in Coffee With a Cop.  “Coffee with a Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together–over coffee–to discuss issues and learn more about each other.”  The Chronicle will keep in touch with Lodi police to let the public know when and where the gatherings are.
  • The Valley Stream is back.  Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm on the Chronicle’s YouTube channel.  We have two shows:  Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd’s “View from 202” where she talks about city affairs and local politics, and “Lodi & the World” where I sit down with local leaders and influential individual to discuss Lodi’s role in the larger global community.  Oct 20th, I’ll be sitting down with Mike Clark of the Lodi Sausage Company, and on Oct 27th, it’s Bruce Bushnell of Bushnell Ford.   Mayor Ann returns on Nov 10th.
  • As the leaves begin to fall, the City of Lodi will be coming around to collect leaves.  Leaves should be raked into a nice pile y the side of the road, and be free of sticks, twigs, and other debris.  Leaves should be kept out of the gutters to prevent “leaf tea” which harms our creek and lake.
  • Halloween is coming.  Here’s what’s going on in the Lodi Valley:
    City of Lodi
    Town of Lodi (no special times)
    Village of Dane
    Town of Dane (no special times)
    Town of West Point (no special times)
  • As promised: the Lodi Valley Chronicle donated four bags of food from Main Street Market to Reach Out Lodi in the name of the four volunteers who helped out in our name at Brew-B-Que.

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