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Lodi Adds Part-Time Officer

Lodi Police Department has added one more officer to their roster.  Todd Wagner has joined the force part-time after leaving a post with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department.

Wagner, who was born in Milwaukee, but grew up in Sturgeon Bay, stepped down from his position with the Sheriff recently.  After being away for a while, however, he decided that, with his 22 years of experience and certified skills as a training officer, he still has something to contribute to law enforcement.  With the most recent few additions to the force being younger officers still building their experience and skills, what he has to offer seemed a good fit for Lodi.

Wagner worked with Chief Smith at the Sheriff’s Department, and it was through that connection that he came into the job.

As with all new officers that have been interviewed for the Chronicle, Wagner says that one of the biggest adjustments to make when starting with the Lodi Police is responding to all the waves he gets from residents.  As a deputy, he was responsible for 796 mi²–most of which is empty farmland.  “Sometimes you could go for hours and not see anybody–even more so at night”. At only 1.73 mi² the city of Lodi involves a lot more interaction with the residents.

Wagner is excited to be working with the LoPD, and helping them to expand and improve their skills through his training.

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