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Lodi Gives to Local Support Orgs

During the Susie Day events, Brady Steigauf of Focus on Energy gave over $10,000 to three local charitable organizations:  Reach Out Lodi, Lodi Resale Shop, and the Lodi PTO.  This money was raised by Lodians through the Save to Give program.


Focus on Energy operates on behalf of 107 electrical and natural gas utilities in Wisconsin to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Through their “Save to Give” program–where area residents earn points by changing habits and saving energy (and dollars on their energy bills)–Focus on Energy has built up donations for 3 Lodi area charitable organizations.

The Lodi PTO earned $741.26

Reach out Lodi earned $4,344.77

The Lodi Resale Shop earned $4,931.96

That’s just over $10,000 that Lodians raised for three local charities–just by changing their habits and saving money on their utility bills.

Lodi Utilities stepped up and donated additional money to each of the charitable groups.

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