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View from 202 s02e08: Lodi Schools

Mayor Ann sits down with Lodi School Board President, Adam Steinberg, and District Administrator Vince Bruenig to talk a little about the challenges of the past year, and the challenges facing them now.



  1. HeatherS HeatherS 2021-07-30

    This interview just happened to come out right after the Lodi Enterprise wrote and article about the July school board meeting. This meeting discussed real classroom examples where teachers in Lodi brought their own political bias into the classroom. Examples included kids being told they had white privilege, that Trump was a bad president and wanted to get rid of kids of color, that only white people held slaves, and many more, were brought to the attention of a Lodi group of parents dedicated to finding out what is being taught in the classroom. An open records request was filed to bring more transparency to what is being taught in the classroom. One book in particular was recommended to teachers, called So You Want to Talk about Race, which holds the narrative that whites are privileged and that systemic racism is part of every institution and needs to be overturned. Is Lodi trying to raise activists? What happened to staying neutral in the classroom. Shame on you Lodi!

  2. Blaze Miskulin Blaze Miskulin Post author | 2021-07-30


    I repeat what I said in response to your other comment:

    You’re making some very serious and specific accusations.

    In the spirit of transparency, would you be willing to share the data you have with me privately so I can review and investigate them, speak with those involved, build an encompassing narrative, and publish my findings openly from a position outside of the debate?

    Note: If I do publish it, I reserve the right to make available any and all information and insight I collect in my investigations–because I believe in transparency from all. sides.

    Which brings me to an interesting point: It’s been brought to my attention that the Facebook group you promoted in both your comments* is “invite only”. Why is that? Why aren’t you transparent and open to everyone–on a platform that doesn’t require membership?

    You’ll forgive me if I’m suspicious of a group who purports to speak for the community–but only lets in people who are “approved”, and demands transparency while hiding in an exclusive FB group.

    So: I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

    I will pay for a domain name of your choice (within some reasonable limits), set up hosting, build your website, and teach you how to use it.

    if you engage in all your discussions in public, have open membership (comments) to everyone (excluding spam and inappropriate content), and agree to a third party being notified of all comments so they can see what you’re deleting (I’m paying the bills, after all).

    You are insisting on transparency…. right?

    * As I can’t see the content of the group, the invitation to (and mention of) it were deleted from the published comments

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