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Breunig Responds to Open Records Questions

Throughout the country, school districts have seen a significant rise in open records requests from the public.  When there is a rise in these types of requests, there is a natural curiosity on how a district processes these requests, if there is a cost for these requests, and how a district determines this cost (if one is charged).
The School District of Lodi has been no exception to this growing trend.  In an attempt to help the public understand the process that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to an open records request, the District has put together an informational document which explains some of the commonly asked questions around open records request.  A link to this document can be found here or can be located on the School District of Lodi’s webpage at under the About Us section of the webpage.  The document also includes a link to a Wisconsin Public Records Law Guidance resource document which is produced by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ).  This document from the DOJ, along with guidance from the District’s legal counsel, are the driving forces behind the process that is followed during any open records request.
Any questions about the Open Records process should be directed to the School District of Lodi District Office at 608.592.3851.


  1. HeatherS HeatherS 2021-07-30

    One thing this article does not include is the fact that the first open records request for the words racism, privilege and supremacy from the district resulted in 16,000 emails and the district wanted to charge us over $2K. This request was paired back to include principals and other higher positions in Lodi and there were still several results. The district has the ability to waive these costs in the name of public interest, but has refused on multiple occasions. If the district wants to be viewed as transparent, then why can’t they just release the records at no charge? Critical Race Theory is making an appearance all throughout the country and state and is disguised under names like Equity (as in Lodi), Social Justice, Social Emotional Learning and more. It is the goal of parents to verify if this extremely divisive, racist, theory is being taught in the district. We have already had several examples forwarded to us where teachers brought their own political biases into classrooms and alienated students.

    • Blaze Miskulin Blaze Miskulin 2021-07-30


      You’re making some very serious and specific accusations.

      In the spirit of transparency, would you be willing to share the “several examples”–original data, not your interpretations–with me privately so I can review and investigate them, speak with those involved, build an encompassing narrative, and publish my findings openly from a position outside of the debate?

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