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Op Ed: Celebrating 500

This article contains opinions and/or editorial content.

This marks the 500th article published by the Lodi Valley Chronicle.  I’m not sure if that’s a lot, but it feels like a milestone that should be marked.  It comes as we just recently passed 18 months of publication.  I think that means we’re an adult in “website years”.

While I have done the lion’s share of the writing (357 articles including this one), I have also relied on contributions from members of the community and government–including Cheif Wayne Smith of the Lodi Police, Katherine Casey from Divine Nursing and Rehab, and Patti Herman of the Ice Age Trail Alliance.

Going forward, I’m looking to add even more columnists and guest authors.   Nancy Long of the Columbia County board and David Faust of the Fair Maps Commission have already stepped forward.  Look for their contributions to start soon.   I will also be reaching out to list of names that have been suggested to me–perhaps you’re one of them.

Or perhaps you’d like to be.  A short column, even once a month, would be an amazing addition to what the Chronicle can offer to the Lodi Valley.

  • Have a box full of recipes you’d like to share?  We’re always looking for new foods.
  • Have gardening or plant-care tips? Help those without a green thumb.
  • Know where the fish are biting?  Point us in the right direction.
  • Have industry-related knowledge you think your customers–and the community–should know?  Educate us.

The Lodi Valley Chronicle is Lodi’s Paper.  I may pay the bills, but it belongs to you as much as it does to me.

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