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Mill Street Bridge Closed to Vehichles

From the City of Lodi:

Several wood piers on the Mill Street bridge are showing severe signs of decay after inspection from the WisDOT Bureau of Structures. The Columbia County Highway and Transportation Department has found it is best to not risk use of the bridge for vehicle traffic due to these signs of decay. Therefore, the Mill Street bridge is closed indefinitely to vehicle traffic. The bridge is open to pedestrian traffic until further notice or demolition.

Mill Street runs from the Lodi Canning Company at the top of the hill to Water Street (Hwy 60) at the bottom of the hill near the creek.  With this closure, there are only three crossings left (Sauk/Lodi St., Seminary St., Hwy 60), and only one of those–Hwy 60–allows crossing the tracks when there’s a train.

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