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Grandparents’ Rights To Attend Their Grandchildren’s Lodi High School Graduation Ceremony

Resolution declaring a crisis due to the current Lodi School District COVID restrictions on the attendance policy of the class of 2021 senior high school graduation.

WHEREAS, the Lodi School District Board and superintendent’s high school graduation policy due to COVID-19 are arbitrary, ineffective, and draconian; and we as GRANDPARENTS, many of us as taxpayers for decades, some having graduated from Lodi High School, many having had children graduate from Lodi High School, now having grandchildren graduate from Lodi High school have earned the right to summarily challenge these guidelines so as to be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony without restriction; and

WHEREAS, we also recognize that neither school district, city, county, nor state government has the legal right to disregard the Wisconsin State Constitution or the United States Constitution. We do believe as senior citizens to be fully capable of making our individual healthcare and lifestyle decisions ourselves, with most of us having been vaccinated we present a very low percentage of infecting or being infected by our attendance. We recognize that COVID-19 is a contagious virus and science has shown over the last year that COVID-19 is overwhelmingly survivable. All models and projections used to justify initial Lodi School District mandates have been proven inaccurate over the past year; and our local hospital and health care systems are not overwhelmed with COVID cases; and

WHEREAS, grandparents of the Lodi School District are obligated to attend the graduation ceremony for the general welfare of its citizenry and the community’s strong relationship with the school district. The deliberate isolation of grandparents from attending the high school graduation ceremony is a dynamic no community should tolerate. This isolation is a cruel abuse and is not to be accepted in any civilized society; we believe in the kindness, compassion, and common sense of our citizens; and

WHEREAS, fear is a tool of untruth, manipulation, and control–characteristics all of which do not reflect the values of our citizenry or community; and finally, we are mindful of the sentiments of our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson who said, “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept.”

Now, therefore, be it resolved grandparents should be allowed to attend!

Michael McGrath

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