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Lodi Utilities Installs New Meters

If you see a couple people in yellow vests pulling a little wagon around your house.  Don’t panic.  It’s probably the linemen from Lodi Utilities installing your new internet-connected electric meter.

The new meters capture “more granular” information about how you’re using your electricity.  This means that instead of reading your usage once a month, they read it every 15 minutes.  And you can see this information from your MyAccount page online.  This allows you to see when you’re using electricity and possibly track down things that are using more than you thought.

Lodi Utilities is hoping to do the same thing with water meters starting next year.  While the electric meter switch-out is quick and doesn’t result in a loss of power, the water meters will require more work.  They’ll involve a worker coming into your home to physically replace the meter, and then get it connected to the electric meter so it can relay information back to the main server.

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