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Lodi Fire Dept to Discuss New Station

As was reported back in October of 2019, the Lodi Area Fire Department is looking at moving the fire station to a new location, and adding a satellite location to serve Harmony Grove.  Those options are now being actively pursued.

Why Do We Need to Move?

The current fire station was built over 50 years ago, and it’s simply not able to handle the current needs of the Lodi Valley.   The October 2019 article points out that:

[An independent agency’s report] includes a list of 20 factors they surveyed.  19 of those are listed as “deficient”. Only the HVAC was was deemed sufficient.  Deficient factors included insufficient space for standard fire trucks (raising the cost of purchasing new ones), improper storage space for emergency gear, lack of sufficient restroom facilities (there is no women’s restroom), electrical issues, and a failing roof.

Additionally, because of how the Lodi Valley has grown, the Main Street location is no longer the most central.  Moving the station a mile or so to the north (towards Okee) would bring many more homes into the “10-minute radius” (a factor used by insurance companies to determine premiums), while only losing a few between Lodi and Dane.

The inclusion of a satellite station in Harmony Grove is meant to bring that area into the same “10-minute radius”.  Currently, about 25% of the Lodi Fire Department lives in Harmony Grove.  Currently, they have to drive to the fire station in Lodi, get geared up, get in an engine, and then drive back to the Grove.

The idea behind a satellite station is that smaller fires could be handled with smaller equipment with a much more rapid response time.  This would also (positively) affect insurance rates for home owners.

How Can I Comment or Question?

The Lodi Fire Department is holding a meeting this Wednesday at 5:00 pm at the Lodi Fire Station to discuss this issue.  The public is welcome and invited to give input–comments or questions–during the public input portion of the meeting.


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