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Op Ed: Opinions and Corrections

This article contains opinions and/or editorial content.

I’d like to address a few points about how the Lodi Valley Chronicle works, and how I–as Editor-in-Chief–try to approach news and reporting.

News and Opinion

In the very first article published in the Chronicle, I laid out three simple rules:

  • It is our job to report the news– not make it, not spin it, not sensationalize it.
  • It’s our responsibility to make sure that what we report is as clear, accurate, and as free from bias as we can make it.
  • It is our responsibility to clearly separate news from opinion.

It is impossible to remove all bias from news reporting, but it’s our job to separate the news from the opinions.  News articles are “the facts as well as we know them”.  We’re going to get those facts wrong sometimes–and I want to be told when that happens so the articles can be corrected (see below).

While there are choices that go into every article, it’s important to me that news and opinion be clearly delineated.  At the start of this article’s headline, you’ll see the words “Op Ed”.  From the very beginning, I want it to be clear that this is opinion.  At the top of the article, I again state that this is an editorial, not news.  It’s my hope that this will help to clarify what’s being read.

Corrections and Clarity

News articles contain factual information–as best I know it at the time of writing.  Some information I research myself, some is being reported as told to me.  When I get that information wrong, I would very much like to be contacted so I can correct any inaccuracies, or provide more context to clarify those facts.

Articles which are corrected will clearly show that they have been updated.  There are a few ways that this may be done, but it will always be stated in the article–not in little box hidden in the classified section.

I have taken on the responsibility of reporting the news from the Lodi Valley–to the best that my schedule and ability allows.   I rely on your–our community–to keep me educated, informed, and honest.

Thank you.

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