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Snow Removal Reminder

Now that winter is finally here, it’s time to be reminded about the local ordinances–and common courtesy–regarding shoveling your sidewalks.

The Law

§ 295-5Snow and ice removal.

Responsibility of owner and occupant. The owner, occupant or person in charge of each and every building or structure or unoccupied lot in the City fronting or abutting any street shall clean or cause to be cleaned the full width of the sidewalk in front of or adjoining each such home, building or unoccupied lot, as the case may be, including that portion of the sidewalk bordering the crosswalk, including the curb ramp if any, regardless of the source of the snow accumulation of snow or ice to the width of such sidewalk by 11:00 a.m. of each day and shall cause the same to be kept clear of snow and ice, provided that when the ice has formed on any sidewalk so that it cannot be immediately removed, the persons herein referred to shall keep the same sprinkled with sand, salt or other suitable substances, in such a manner as to prevent the ice from becoming dangerous, until such time that it can be removed, and then it shall be promptly removed. In case snow shall continue to fall during and after 11:00 a.m., then it shall be removed within three hours of daylight the day after is shall cease to fall. Each day any violation of this section continues shall constitute a separate offense.

The Courtesy

Lodi is home to a lot of walkers.  Some do it for the exercise, some do it to give their dogs some exercise, and a lot do it because it’s their only way to get from place to place.

Walking through a little snow may be inconvenient, but walking through a lot–especially once temperatures drop and that snow turns to ice–becomes dangerous.

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