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Letters to the Editor: Election 2020

Dear Representatives San Felippo, Tusler, Brandtjen, Macco, Sortwell, Murphy, Zamarripa, Subeck and Spreitzer,

I am an elected official. I preside over a town board in a corner of Columbia County. We had record turnout for the election. Everyone who worked was trained and most had worked several elections prior. Despite the handicaps you’ve saddled our clerks with, like not allowing the count of absentee ballots to be tallied before election day, our clerk and her team finished on election day. We turned out 90% of our electors. We were in no way unusual. In fact, what we saw in West Point at our polling place was the norm in Wisconsin. You all know that. Those of you who were just re-elected count on it.

Please cease and desist all action related to the most recent election in Wisconsin save for certifying it and recording it. That you would pay heed to Rep Vos’ call to assure the public that the election was conducted fairly and without fraud belittles each of you. Offer that assurance by certifying it and recording it. Vos has another agenda. But he is only one of our representatives. You are all far better legislators and your time is desperately needed by the people you represent. We need you to:

  1. Find ways to check the spread of this novel coronavirus
  2. Extend unemployment benefits
  3. Eliminate the threat of evictions (be creative here – exempt landlords from some taxes – property or income, threaten eminent domain of any property that reports an eviction, …)
  4. Extend broadband so that all of our children can have access to school when schools go to all virtual learning
  5. Eliminate fares on all public transit modes and fully replace farebox revenue (there are rescission dollars available from projects that could have provided safety features for vulnerable users)
  6. Use that new FoxxConn facility as a food distribution warehouse and have the employees that have spent time driving golf carts around to ease their ennui manage the logistics of obtaining and distributing food

I could list many more ways that you could spend your time. They all start by urging the republicans amongst you to demand convening the legislature. The Wisconsin legislature is a national disgrace at present. Rise up to the challenges we face and demonstrate the moral courage, the political conviction and strength of character you all campaigned on. If you could advertise it to get elected (and not challenge your election in the face of this ‘fraud’ you seek – ask Tusler about my recent correspondence to him) you can certainly exercise it now.

Best regards,

Ashley Nedeau-Owen
Town Chair, West Point

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