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Hiking a City Segment on a Snowy Day

The scene outside my window looked like a snow globe and I just had to go out and be a part of it. I’m fortunate to live three blocks from a segment of Ice Age Trail that is my go-to hike when it’s snowing and that was my destination on this day. This short segment is often overlooked, which is a shame because it has so much to offer in just 0.7 miles.

In the city of Lodi, from the intersection of Strangeway Avenue and Prospect Avenue, I headed west and came to the Strangeway Playlot. Just beyond this playground the Trail leaves the road and enters the woods, paralleling the Lakeland Hills Country Club and golf course. As I walked along I saw the spur trail (marked with blue blazes) that would take me up to the golf course but I stayed on the main trail so I could continue to enjoy the woods. The trees trunks and branches were outlined by the snow, accenting their interesting shapes. The yellow blazes seemed particularly brilliant against the brown posts.  Birds flitted through the woods, dislodging snow as they landed.

As I left the woods the trail led me through a prairie restoration behind the Lodi Middle School. The long view from this hillside looks out over the school and the surrounding neighborhood. Tall grasses and berry canes were heavy with snow, causing them to bow down across the trail. As I continued my hike I looked across to the golf course and saw colored flags marking the various holes, reminding me that just a few days ago I saw golfers out on this course. My hike ended at the Rainbow Bridge by the Lodi High School. (I’ve written about this bridge in a previous post.)

As I retraced my steps to return home I could see that the snow was already starting to fill in my earlier footprints. I heard children playing in the snow and was glad they were out enjoying this snowfall. I walked slowly, taking in the beauty and feeling grateful to be out on this snowy day…..Along the Ice Age Trail.

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