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Divine Gives Thanks

As we start the 2020 Holiday Season, I think we can all agree, that  nothing is the same. However, what is the same, or perhaps better than years’ past is our grateful hearts and attitudes. We, here at Divine Rehabilitation and Nursing at Lodi, are so grateful for our health of our staff and residents and so thankful for the community support. In observance of Thanksgiving, we offer a simple poem:


“First we give thanks for the food that we are given. Then we give thanks for the houses that we live in. Then we give thanks for the sun that shines above. But mostly we give thanks for the people that we love.”

We love our Residents here at Divine and wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. Be well and stay safe.

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  1. tescher tescher 2020-11-19

    It is we who should be thanking you for all you do!

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