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City of Lodi Tree Trimming

This is a press release from the City of Lodi

The City of Lodi and Lodi Utilities trim trees during the winter months. Trimming shapes the tree, removes dead wood, and lifts branches above the streets and sidewalks. Wind-blown tree limbs in contact with power lines is a major cause of interruption for electrical services. To maintain the reliability and safety of electric services, tree limbs must be trimmed away from power lines.

Lodi Utilities will work throughout the city from December – February to trim trees in accordance with arboricultural standards. These standards include removing all limbs to provide a minimum of three to four years’ clearance from regrowth or back to the next available limb fork so no branch stubs are left. Any limbs overhanging within eight feet of the line will be trimmed back to eliminate the danger of them falling on the power lines.

Written permission is not required for line clearance trimming. More information on tree trimming can be found on the Brush, Grass, Weeds, and Trees section of the website. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Terry Weter, Director of Operations.

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