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Bohn Lake and Greenwood Segments

This past week brought unusually warm weather for November, which inspired Bill and me to put off the yard work and explore two new-to-us segments which were just an hour from Lodi, the Bohn Lake and Greenwood Segments. Both segments are located in Waushara County.

The Bohn Lake Segment lies within the Bohn Lake State Ice Age Trail Area, which is a property owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and managed for the Ice Age Trail. This segment features a wild lake that is part of a 14-mile-long glacial tunnel channel. (A tunnel channel is created by a fast-moving river under a glacier that carves a valley; after the glacier has melted the valley often contains a series of lakes.) The trail is laid out to follow the shoreline of the lake and an elevated boardwalk was built at the far end to cross the water, as seen in the photo with this post. Plans for this segment include rerouting some of the trail (referred to as tread) to move it back from the lake, which has continued to rise since the original trail was built in 2007 and covers the trail at times. Side trails have been created to allow for hiking but these are temporary and not sustainable over time.

In 2009, Waushara County Chapter volunteers joined with other volunteers from the community, including high school students, to create the Bohn Lake Accessible Hiking Trail. This 0.2-mile route features a compacted crushed-stone surface with minimal grade. This portion of the trail takes you through wildflowers and woods to a scenic view of Bohn Lake.

From there we went on to the nearby Greenwood Segment, which is part of the Greenwood State Wildlife Area. This section is a wonderful mix of oak and pine trees and features a number of kettles. At one point there is a beautifully crafted log bench tucked under the pines, with a view out over a restored prairie that covers a square mile – A great place for putting our feet up and enjoying a lunch break. As we walked we heard and saw multiple woodpeckers working the trees and scared up a few white-tailed deer. This is definitely a place we’ll come back to with our snowshoes when winter arrives.

We have some beautiful segments of the Ice Age Trail here in Lodi and we visit them often. We’re also fortunate to have segments within a short driving distance, including the two described in this post. One more opportunity to expand our horizons while we hike….Along the Ice Age Trail.

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  1. tescher tescher November 12, 2020

    Thanks Patti! Really enjoying your trail tales.

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