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View from 202 s01e07: Columbia County Waste

This week, Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd sat down with Gregory Kaminski from Columbia County Solid Waste and Nany Long from the Columbia County board to give us a refresher on recycling.   It may not sound like an exciting topic, but this is where your tax dollars go.  Proper recycling can save us a lot of money.

For more detailed information on how our recycling–and other waste management–operates in Columbia County, you can check out the county website.

Quick Points

  • The plastic bags from the supermarket are not recyclable. Try to reuse them if you can (for cat litter, as liners for small wastebaskets), or take them to Reach Out Lodi; they use them in the Community Store.
  • Look at the numbers on plastic items.  We can only recycle 1 and 2.  Those are mostly water bottles and milk jugs.   All the rest should go in the trash (until the facilities are upgraded).
  • Fluorescent light bulbs can be taken to Koltes Do-It center.  They work with a special recycling facility to properly dispose of them.
  • Car batteries (any lead-acid battery) can be taken to either Don’s Marine or Ness Auto.  They work with battery companies to safely recycle them.


Here are the images that Gregory was referring to in his talk.

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