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Valley Stream: Three This Week

The Valley Stream is going to be busy this week. We have three live-streams planned.

  • Tuesday:  Lodi & the World  Karla Faust.  Karla is a member of the Lodi town council, and will be letting us know about the recent goings-on in the town of Lodi
  • Wednesday:  The View from 202  Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd will be talking with Nancy Long from the Columbia County Department of Solid Waste about… all the things we get rid of. It’s not pretty, but it’s important.  This is where your tax dollars are going.
  • Friday: Lodi & the World  Jennie Larson, owner of the Lodi Resale Shop will be joining me to talk about the good work that the Resale Shop is doing and how it’s a vital bit of support for our community.

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