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Quick Takes: 2020-10-03

  • Willow Tree Wellness (in the old Dime Store) will be holding their grand opening next Saturday, October 10th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Valley Stream will be there for a little while to talk to the proprietors and visitors.
  • The City of Lodi has new informational signs.  The large, clearly-written signs direct visitors to areas of interest around the city (see the header image).
  • Susie’s basket has been completely completed.  Local artist Dean Allen from Dean Allen Studios finished staining and trimming the basket last month. The reconstruction was sponsored by the Lodi Rotary Club.
  • In case you missed it, The Lodi Valley Chronicle is now on Instagram (LodiValley).  I’m still learning how to use the app (old dog, new tricks), so bear with me.  In addition to random images from my wanderings through the Valley, I’ll be running a regular feature called “Where Am I?” (I’m thinking I’ll do it on Monday mornings, but if there’s a better time, let me know).  I’ll be posting close-up and obscure images from around the Lodi Valley and simply asking “Where am I?”   Feel free to leave your answers in the comments.  There are no prizes for getting it right, but hopefully it inspires people to get out and visit some of the great places that we have in our community.

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