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Don’t Be a Victim

We have in our control the ability to prevent most of the crime in our own neighborhood. Criminals are often opportunistic. They will seek out easy or soft targets. Steps you take to prevent crime can not only benefit you but your entire neighborhood.

The Police need your help, be additional eyes and ears.  If you see something, say something.  What does this mean?  You know your own surroundings and neighborhood far better than anyone else.  If a vehicle is out of place, a resident is on vacation and an unknown vehicle is in the driveway, or a garage door is open and should not be, say something.  If a suspicious person is wondering your neighborhood, say something. Call your neighbor, call local law enforcement.  The Police will respond and act as a community caretaker.  Prevention starts will all of us.

Do you lock your home at night? Use the 9PM routine. Once you are turning in for the night, lock and secure your cars, your garage, and your home.  Far too often vehicles are the first target of criminals.  If your car is open a criminal may enter it and go thru your belongings.  If your car has a garage door opener the criminal may open the door and even enter your home while you sleep. Often access is gained thru an interior garage service door.  Is yours locked at night?  It should be.

Do you have a home security system?  If you do, use it.  Use it not only while away from home use it at night while you sleep.  Most systems allow for stay at home and away from home arming options.

Do not wait to call Police. Call 911 in an emergency, dial the non-emergency number if you are not sure (608)742-4166 ext. 1. It is ok to not be sure if something is wrong.  Law enforcement works 24 hours a day and we are happy to check on your call and make sure everyone is safe.

You can help us by doing the following:

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Do not leave car or house keys in your vehicle
  • Lock and secure your home and garage, even when you are home
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Look out for one another
  • Remove or trim overgrown shrubs or other items criminals may hide behind
  • Use an energy efficient light during hours of darkness.
  • Be vigilant

Help us help you and as always BE SAFE

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