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The Chronicle on Social Media

At it’s heart, the Lodi Valley Chronicle is a newspaper.  It’s something you read while you’re having breakfast, taking a break, or riding home from work (please don’t read while you’re driving).

But it’s also a newspaper that understands the modern age.  As such, the Chronicle has more than one online presence–each of which adds to and supports the core newspaper.

The Chronicle is doing live streaming on YouTube under the title “The Valley Stream”. We currently have 2 regular streams:

“Lodi & the World” where I sit down with local leaders and individuals of influence to discuss topics of interest.

“The View from 202” where Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd talks with individuals and groups that play a major role in our community.

If you would like to host a show on the Valley Stream, contact us.

The Valley Stream can be found here.

Every article published in the Chronicle automatically posts to Twitter.  If you’re on Twitter and want to see the news as it’s published, follow the Chronicle.

You can follow us here.

The Chronicle now has an Instagram account.  Don’t expect anything of importance here.  It’ll be used to capture random images from around the area just to remind us how beautiful the Lodi Valley is.

Follow it here.

If you know what RSS is and you use it:

Add our feed.

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