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Voices from the Trail

As you hike along the Ice Age Trail you may come across a post with a wooden box that contains a notebook and pen/pencil. This is known as a trail log. The purpose of a trail log is to encourage people who are walking on the Ice Age Trail to take a moment to reflect on their experience of the Trail and share those reflections with others by writing them in the notebook.

The picture that accompanies this post shows a trail log that is located by the big bench on the Gibraltar Segment. This trail log was built by chapter volunteer Bill Traeger and installed by Lodi High School students during one of their community service days. (Thank you, Bill and high school students!)  For this week’s post I decided to feature some of the entries found in this trail log. When possible, I included the first name of the person who wrote the entry as well as the date of the entry.

-Had fun putting this up. (Lodi High School Students, 10/12/18)

-Perfect fall evening, waiting for the full moon to grace us with her presence. (10/25/18)

-Yellow blazes bring cheer to cloudy days! Thank you for the trails and thank you for the smells. (Becky & Lizzy the dog, 12/22/18)

-Our Christmas gift to our Papa – A hike in the woods! (Peyton & Hudson, 12/25/18)

-Visitors from Thailand, France, Venezuela, England, USA via Madison. (Mike, 1/13/19)

-I am here because my mom forced us but after we are done it turns out that this isn’t half bad and that devices take you over and you don’t really know how long it was before you connected to nature. (5/11/19)

-One of the most interesting trails we’ve been on in a while. Had a great afternoon and enjoyed the art (Art on the Trail). (Rachel & Connor, 5/11/19)

-The Trail is a place of healing and wonder. A true asset to our state. (Christine, Brian, & Bulla, 7/6/19)

-This trail and property was my family farm for decades. I grew up here and am so happy that even in losing it we were able to advocate for this becoming public land. The Ice Age Trail is a lucky and incredible thing and allowed us to be able to share these views with our family and you. Happy Trails! (Erin, 7/21/19)

There are many, many more entries and I’ll be featuring some of them in future posts. For now, I encourage you to look for trail logs as you hike and take a few moments to read the entries and share your experience of the outdoors….Along the Ice Age Trail.


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