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Celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day

August 21st is known as National Senior Citizen’s Day. In these trying times, where our beloved elderly population have been affected, we should all still make time to appreciate those most dear to us! Here, at Divine Rehab and Nursing, we appreciate our residents daily and encourage you in the community to do so as well! Here are some of our recommendations and reasonings for doing so!

  1. Window visit at a nursing/retirement home

One of the kindest and most rewarding things one can do is to visit a nursing home. Although physical visitation is restricted at this time, stopping by via a window visit, dropping off a care package, or sending letters in the mail, can really make a difference in someone’s life. Plus, you may find the experience fun and rewarding, too!

  1. Reach out to a senior family member

Do you have a senior family member? Perhaps it’s a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Visit them and spend some time together, while following the recommended CDC Guidelines. If you can’t see them in person, don’t text — call! Let them hear the warmth in your voice when you tell them how much you appreciate them.

  1. Have fun!

Are you a senior citizen yourself? Well, today is all about you! Live it up and treat yourself. Spend time with your favorite people, go shopping — do whatever you like. This could be the day you finally try that one thing you never have time for or perhaps it’s a perfect day to chill at home. You’ve earned this time, so enjoy it!

Why National Senior Citizens Day is Important

  1. Seniors give wise and useful advice

Our elderly family and friends have a lifetime’s worth of precious experiences (and stories) to share. For centuries, cultures across the world have looked to the seniors in their communities for wisdom and knowledge. In times of trouble or when we simply don’t know what to do, seniors are often the first people we turn to for a different or even, unusual perspective. If we listen, we can learn so much from them.

  1. Seniors give generously

It’s widely known that seniors make more charitable donations than any other age group. They have more time to devote to others and volunteer. We appreciate how much they look out for their loved ones and it’s a quality we love in our seniors.

  1. Seniors give us goodies!

Perhaps this stems from their generous and charitable nature, but seniors are very good at making us feel special. Grandparents dote on us when we need it, and sometimes when we don’t. To every grandparent or elderly loved one that has given us a treat or made sure we ate well or spoiled us in some other way, we salute and appreciate you!


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