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Thoughts on Re-Opening Schools

Parents/Guardians of School District of Lodi Students,

I hope that this email finds you and your family safe and doing well.  There has been a lot of information swirling around about COVID-19 and how this virus will impact schools in the Fall of 2020.  It is difficult to determine what our schools will look like on September 1 as the information on COVID 19 seems to be updated and changing weekly, if not daily, as we learn more about this virus.  That has made planning for the fall difficult.

Our goal during these unprecedented times is to develop plans which are flexible so we can be ready for the changing conditions that may occur during the 2020-21 school year.  I wanted to share some planning documents that [went] to the Board of Education [on Monday] for their review outlining the administrative team’s thoughts on Reopening Schools in the Fall of 2020 ( link).  Clearly these are still a work in progress with many more details needed to be filled in, but at least it is a starting point for our discussion at the Board level, with staff, and with the community.  I have also included this short video summary to go along with this information.

As you read through this information I would invite community members to share any questions they may have regarding these documents and the school reopening process through this link.  I plan on hosting a district wide Google Meet on Thursday, July 16 from 6-7 pm to answer questions from parents/guardians (instructions for accessing the Google Meet can be found at this link ). During this meeting/forum we will start by answering questions submitted through the link shared above and then go to questions submitted through the chat feature on Google Meet.  Our plan is to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document out of the questions that are submitted.  So even if we don’t get to your question during the Google Meet (or you are unable to attend), all the questions will be written down and made part of the FAQ which will be posted to our website sometime next week.  We will continue to update this document and send out updates to our families as we get closer to September 1.

The priority of the School District of Lodi continues to be keeping our students and staff safe while providing a world class education to our students.  It is our hope that by working with the Department of Public Instruction, county health departments, neighboring schools, our staff, our parents/guardians, and our community we can develop back to school plans that are flexible and still meet the needs of all of our students, staff, and families and makes this priority a reality.   Our students and families deserve no less.

Stay well,

Vince Breunig, District Administrator
School District of Lodi

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