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UPDATED: The Valley Stream

Last updated on 2020-07-12

UPDATE:  Due to scheduling conflicts, the first live stream is tentatively being rescheduled to 07/22

We’re expanding a bit.  Starting this Wednesday (07/15) next Wednesday (07/22) the Lodi Valley Chronicle will be launching The Valley Stream–a livestream addition to our regular reporting.

I’m new to all of this, and it’s going to take me a while to learn what I’m doing.  I trust that you’ll be patient (you can see that the video above isn’t perfect).

To Start

Our new mayor–Ann Groves Lloyd–will be kicking it off on Wed, July 15th 22nd at 6:00 pm with the first of her bi-weekly “View From 202” streams. (The mayor’s office is #202 at City Hall). Mayor Groves Lloyd approached the Chronicle and asked asked how she could to do a live stream.  Together, we worked out the logistics. After a few initial runs to work out the kinks, the Chronicle will be ready to open up this up to every area government, and any area organization.


This week, Mayor Groves Lloyd will be talking with Lodi Police Chief Wayne Smith about the current political climate and Lodi’s protocols regarding use of force.

In this first stream–and with many that follow–I will be acting as a moderator.  As time and format allow, I will pass along appropriate questions that have been asked in the stream’s comments and allow the guests to answer them in real-time.

Going Forward

If enough people will step forward, it’s my hope that every government meeting–city, village, town, and school board–will be live-streamed and archived for everyone to watch.  If they’re progressive enough, perhaps online comments will be accepted as public comment.

I would love to see every sporting event in the Lodi Valley–from the schools or the community–to be broadcast live–with commentary–for everyone to watch.  I will be reaching out to area businesses and organizations to help support this.  If this is something you’d like to see let me know.

Do you want to see Lodi sports live-streamed?

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