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School Re-Opening: Summary

New District Administrator, Vince Breunig, sent out a letter to district parents on Monday, explaining his thoughts on re-opening the schools in September.  That letter included a link to the full report on their plans.

The full plan runs 19 pages and goes into a lot of detail.  The hope is to have all students back in school–though with a wide range of safety protocols in place.   The district has, however, three plans set up depending on circumstances.   In short, they are:

  1. All students back in school full time, with the use of masks, social distancing, and modified class schedules.
  2. Students divided into two groups, attending class two days each week and learning from home two days. The groups would alternate so only half would be in the schools at any one time.
  3. All classes online

Decisions will be based on guidelines and rulings from health departments in Dane and Columbia Counties, as well as state-level health agencies.

Decisions on athletics will come from WIAA.

The full report can be viewed on the district’s website, or downloaded here.

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