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Lodi Schools Go Online for Fall 2020

The School District of Lodi Board of Education voted 7-0 at a special Board meeting to start the 2020-21 school year with an online enhanced instructional model through the first term of the school year (November 6). This model will have students and staff starting the year with online instruction while allowing the district to bring in some students for small group instruction as needed in a way that allows for social distancing and student/staff safety.

On Wednesday, July 22 the Board and administrative staff held a retreat to review four different instructional models for starting the school year. After this retreat, the administration developed a survey for families and staff members regarding their preferences for starting the school year. This information, along with current information regarding COVID-19 virus in Columbia County and Dane County, was shared with the Board at the July 29 meeting. Weighing the pros and cons of each of these models, the impact each of these models would have on students, families, and staff, and weighing the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, the Board made the difficult decision to start the year in the online enhanced instructional model through the first term of the school year.

“This was the toughest decision that I have had to make in my time as a Board member,” stated Board of Education member Steven Ricks. District Administrator Vince Breunig added that “the Board and administration struggled with this decision knowing full well the impact that this will have on students, staff, families and our community, especially those families with our youngest children.” The Board of Education and administration wanted to make this decision prior to August 1 to give families and staff the opportunity to plan for this new reality this fall.

We look forward to sharing specific information and guidance around the selected fall instructional model over the coming weeks. This will include specific guidance for educators, guardians, and students. The health and safety of our students, staff, and families are of utmost importance. We continue to be grateful for the support and understanding of our community, and we thank you for your partnership.

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