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Lodi: An Ice Age Trail Community

In a recent post I referred to Lodi as an Ice Age Trail Community. Perhaps you’ve noticed the Trail Community signs at the city limits. So, just was is an Ice Age Trail Community?

The goal of the Ice Age Trail Alliance’s Trail Community program is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the Ice Age Trail Alliance and the communities that are connected to the Trail. In practical terms, it comes down to this: The Ice Age Trail Alliance encourages Trail users to patronize businesses and services within the Trail Community while the Trail Community promotes and supports the Ice Age Trail. In this way, both the local community and Ice Age Trail are made stronger.

In order to be considered for recognition as a Trail Community the Ice Age Trail has to pass through or near the community and there needs to be a commitment by the local business community and the local Ice Age Trail chapter to enter into this partnership. Another aspect of being a Trail Community is that language for the protection of the Ice Age Trail is included in local land use plans, planning tools, ordinances and/or guidelines. Finally, a community’s request to be a Trail Community is strengthened if there is a local school that is willing to partner with the Ice Age Trail in a Trail-related program or service activity.

Lodi easily met all the requirement to be an Ice Age Trail Community and received that designation in 2016. Since that time, local community leaders and local Ice Age Trail chapter members have met on a regular basis to determine how everyone will carry out their roles as part of being a Trail Community. One of the current initiatives, which I referenced in an earlier post, is the planning that is underway for the Mammoth Hike 40 Challenge, which will take place in October. Keep checking the Lodi Valley Chronicle  for more information about how you can be part of this celebration of the Trail and of our Trail Community.

Lodi, and the surrounding Lodi Valley, is a special place. Knowing that Lodi is an Ice Age Trail Community gives us one more reason to be glad to be living in this area that is conveniently located…..Along the Ice Age Trail.


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