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Second Harvest Returns to Lodi

The Second Harvest Food Bank, partnering with Reach Out Lodi, will start regular food distribution days starting Friday, June 19th.  Anyone needing food assistance is welcome to participate–No questions asked.

A Day To Learn

On Monday, June 8th, Second Harvest Food Bank partnered with Reach Out Lodi to distribute 250 food packages to Lodi and Poynette families.  175 of those packages were distributed in Lodi, and the other 75 in Poynette.  The majority of the packages were handed out that day at the Lodi Elementary School, and the few remaining ones found homes before the week was out.

That day was a “soft launch” of the program, designed to gauge the needs of the community.  After looking at the success of the 8th, Second Harvest and Reach Out Lodi have worked out the logistics for an on-going program.

Moving Forward

Starting tomorrow, June 19th from 10:30 to 11:30 am, and continuing every Friday until further notice, Second Harvest and Reach Out Lodi will be back at the Lodi Elementary School to distribute more food packages.  Anyone needing assistance (this is on the honor system) can pull up, open their trunk, and receive a pre-made food package.

Because the packages are pre-made, the drive-up distribution center is not able to accommodate special dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, etc.).  If you are on a restricted diet and need assistance, you can contact Reach Out Lodi and they’ll work with you to see if they can provide food that meets your requirements.


When reporting events like this, it’s the organizations that get all the credit. Those organizations, however, are made up of our neighbors.  They deserve recognition.  The June 8th food distribution was made possible through the hard work of:

Jim Schmiedlin, Penny Schmiedlin, John Meade, Patty Meade, Lyle Hendrickson, Jeff Joutras, Claire Joutras, Jen Morgan, Mary Wilkes, Beth Lange, Heidi Ness, Mai Ling Ness, Zhu Lan Ness, Ron Lloyd and Neal Reible.

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