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Op-Ed: Lodi Stands For

This article contains opinions and/or editorial content.

This evening, area residents gathered at the Four Corners to express their opinions about the current state of affairs in the US regarding race and our relationship with law enforcement.

Chief Smith and Lt. Nichols were on hand to… umm… chat with people.

Rural America gets a bad rap in the media. We’re frequently painted as ignorant yokels with backwards attitudes and no clue about the world.  And yet, while liberal strongholds like the Twin Cities are calling in the National Guard to quell riots, our little “backward” town is standing together and showing support.

Lodi may not be as cosmopolitan as London or Paris, but we’re very welcoming and accepting.  And we’re wonderfully diverse for town our size.  Aside from Americans with African heritage, we have immigrants from Mexico, China, Korea (a pastor and his family), Persia {“You call it ‘Iran’, but I am Persian.”), and–I’m sure–plenty more that I’m unaware of.

What does Lodi stand for?  Community.

We’re old-school practical farmers.  Are you “good people”?  Do you treat your neighbors with respect?  Will you step up when someone needs help?  Will you speak out when something ain’t right?

Then you’re a Lodian.  All the rest is just details.  We should learn and understand those details, but they’re not what’s important.  The person is.

What does Lodi stand for?   Let Lodi speak for itself.

(Chief Smith graciously declined to cite me for jay-walking while I walked up and down the middle of the street to capture these photos.)

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