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Nurses Are Divine!

In appreciation of ALL NURSES, but especially those at Divine Rehabilitation and Nursing at Lodi, I offer a poem, an adaptation from Edwin C. Hofert:

“As I look around me, and see how life has changed, all of my younger hopes and┬ádreams have all been arranged. I used to want to be a hero, you know, fly around just doing good. Learning as I got older, to do things I should. I never wanted to be famous or own big fancy cars or set foot on the moon and study all the stars. I did not seek out power, to tell others what to do. But if I could be like anyone, I’d be like you. Helping the elderly and anyone who needs first aide, too. If I could go back in time, I know just what I’d do. I would not look for diamonds, or lots of money in a purse. I would be the best of heroes and I would become a nurse.”

Thank you for all those who choose to be a nurse and heal the world one person at a time. Happy Nurse’s Week.

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