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Along the Ice Age Trail

Perhaps our paths have already crossed, either on the Ice Age Trail or off. My name is Patti Herman; I’ve lived in the City of Lodi for the past 17 years with my husband, Bill Welch. We love our life in the Lodi Valley, especially the natural beauty that surrounds us. When Bill and I moved to Lodi we quickly discovered the Ice Age Trail (more about our introduction to the Trail in another post) and we’ve been volunteering with the Trail ever since.

I’ve heard people say that the Ice Age Trail is one of the best-kept secrets in the state. On the other hand, I read on the Ice Age Trail Alliance website that more than one million people a year use this thousand-mile footpath to enjoy the outdoors, so it seems that the secret is out! My goal with this column is to continue to build awareness of the Ice Age Trail by sharing stories of my experiences on the Trail, as well as the experiences of others; providing updates on Trail conditions, including what’s in bloom and what wildlife has been spotted on the Trail; and talking about upcoming Trail events (such as Full Moon Hikes and Tyke Hikes). I’ll also share some history of the Trail and interesting facts about the Trail. (A teaser: Did you know that the Ice Age National Scenic Trail is one of only eleven National Scenic Trails in the country?) And, to help add to your enjoyment of the Trail, I’ll pass along information about Ice Age Trail Alliance resources that you can access.

Sounds like a lot to cover! However, the Ice Age Trail has so much to offer anyone who ventures out on it and, since I try to get out on the Trail on a regular basis, I have no doubt that I’ll find plenty to talk about. I look forward to this time with you….Along the Ice Age Trail.

Patti Herman

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