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LVC and WRB help ROL

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The Lodi Valley Chronicle has partnered with the Wisconsin River Bank to help Reach Out Lodi during this time of extra need.

Money From Washington

The Federal Government has passed a $2 trillion relief & stimulus package to help small business and individuals during the almost country-wide shutdowns.  Part of that package includes checks of $1,200 going out to millions of Americans.

This will be a great help to many of us.  Others are doing well enough that they won’t need it.  Others will need it–and more.  Reach Out Lodi is doing everything they can to help out during this difficult time.  Now you can do a little bit to help them.

Food For Lodi

The Lodi Valley Chronicle has partnered with the Wisconsin River Bank to help Lodi Valley residents transfer some of that money to Reach Out Lodi and the local residents who truly need it.

The Lodi branch of the Wisconsin River Bank has created a special account dedicated to Reach Out Lodi.  When that check arrives from Washington ask yourself how much you need it–or if you need it at all.  Even a few of those checks will provide food, clothing, and essential health products to members of our community.

Simply write a check for the amount you feel comfortable giving–made out to Reach Out Lodi–and drop it at the drive-through of Wisconsin River Bank on Main St.  If you receive a paper check and just want to sign it over,

In the event that a person wants to just sign the paper check over to Reach Out Lodi, endorse the back of the check, matching the payee on the front, followed by “Payable to Reach Out Lodi”. The check can then be deposited into the account at Wisconsin River Bank.

Reach Out Lodi is a 501(c)3, so contributions made from your bank account are tax deductible.

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