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Kudos to City of Lodi Staff and Election Inspectors

On April 7 I worked as an Election Inspector at the City of Lodi polling place at the height of a pandemic. It was an election day that should not have happened. However, the City Clerk, Dawn Collins, was charged with carrying it out as part of her job responsibilities.  I want to offer my highest praise and thanks to Dawn and her colleagues at city hall for doing everything they could to make the polling environment as safe as possible in the face of a virus about which much is still unknown.  I also want to recognize the other election inspectors who made the difficult decision to risk their health and the health of people in their household to assist in carrying out this election. We should not have been there; we should have been following instructions to shelter in place. I can only hope that everyone who was there–including the voters who chose to exercise their democratic right to vote, despite the risk to their health–comes through this with their health intact.

Patti Herman, City of Lodi

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