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Farmers’ Market Cautiously Eyes Opening

Manager Gail Lamberty wants to assure the Lodi Valley that the Farmers’ Market will open this year.  When that will be and what it will look like remain on the table.

No Firm Timeline

The team in charge of managing the Farmers’ Market is hoping to open soon, but aren’t setting anything in stone just yet.  Those making the decisions understand how important the market is to both customers and sellers–but they also understand the severity of the situation we’re in.

Our goal is to continue the decades long tradition of providing locally grown food to the community. All decisions will put the health and safety of the greater Lodi community, our shoppers and our vendors as top priority. We will follow state and federal regulations to the letter. If necessary we will error on the side of caution to protect you and your family.

Uncertainty on Both Sides

While the uncertainty of opening may be a disappointment for those who enjoy shopping at the Farmers’ Market, it’s much more of a concern for the sellers.  They need to be deciding now what to plant, and how much to plant.

Both buyers and sellers need to think about how they’ll interact if we remain under social distancing rules while the market is open.  And everyone needs to think about how this will affect their diet, their income, and the sense of community the market builds.

When the protocols are in place and the market opens, it will take place on Fridays from 2:00 – 6:00 pm in the open lot next to Koltes Lumber.

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