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Art on the Trail Postponed Until August

Art on the Trail–a popular collaboration between the Lodi Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA) and community artists–has been rescheduled for August.

Committee Member Bill Welch sent out a notice to participants informing them of the decision.

Given the closure of the state parks nearest to Lodi, the overcrowding at local trailheads, and the continuing effects of social distancing to flatten the curve we feel reluctant to be encouraging people to go out to a single trail segment. While there has generally been adherence locally to distancing guidelines on the trail, factoring in the official forecasts of the spread of COVID-19, we feel that it would be best to postpone the event.

The IATA reminds people that the Ice Age Trail is still mostly open, and encourages people to take advantage of the opportunity to get out side, but to do so responsibly–both with regards to COVID-19 and in the treatment of the trails themselves.

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