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2020 Spring Election Results

Last updated on 2020-04-16

Only 2 municipalities and the School Board have provided results.
Names in bold have been elected.

City of Lodi


Ann Groves Lloyd  620
Jim Ness 510

City Council

Peter Tonn 734
Rich Stevenson 622
Un-named Write-in 51

Village of Dane

Board President

Roger Schmidt
Mary Lou Hyatt


Donald Postler
Nancy Lindow

Town of West Point

Supervisor 4

Karmen Enge

Supervisor 4

David Lendved

Town of Lodi

Supervisor 3

Chad Wolter
Marc Hamilton

Supervisor 4

Karla Faust
Connie Sears

Board of Education

H Adam Steinberg 1690
Bud Steyer 1213
Barb Beyer 1783

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